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Richard Jupp of Elbow

"Amazing versatility of metal drums"
"Finish quality is outstanding"
"Reliability is 2nd to none"
"They can take a absolute battering"

Richard Jupp

Michael Dean of New Model Army

"For the Snare sounds I want with New Model Army Echo have produced an outstanding sound for me...
Fantastically built to a Real High Quality and Professional Standard.
The best Snare Drums I've ever played!!!!"

Michael Dean

Magnus Fritz Session Drummer

"As a session drummer I need a drum that works well in different musical situations, from rock to jazz, studio and live and my Copper EcHo Snare does it all with a nice crack and great bottom end....and it looks great as well! I really recommend it"

Magnus Fritz
Session & Rock Drummer - Sweden

Steve Elliott Drum Teacher

"This snare drum sounds as good as it looks, brass shell with a fantastic looking blue finish. Can't believe how these guys at EcHo got that finish. Played live and recorded this drum, sound is amazing, drummers keeping on asking me about the sound and the finish. Going to grab myself another EcHo snare drum in the future, maybes a 13" x 12" in a turquoise finish. Thanks guys"

Steve Elliott
Studio Drummer & Drum Teacher

John Kelly with his replacement snare shell from echo to replace his Ludwig 402 I have to say that Echo Custom Drums work is brilliant, they created this shell as a replacement for a Ludwig Supraphonic 402 I own that was cracked. I was also looking for a slightly different sound, similar tone to the Ludwig but with more bite. On Dave Quinns recommendation I went for a rolled and seam-welded 2mm shell instead of the 1.8mm pressed steel used in the original Ludwig 402. Their recommendation proved right. This drum is a very fine snare, does everything just like the old one, but in my opinion better.

Jon Kelly
Kyle MacLeod with his Apollo Drum Kit The drums are fantastic with a lovely sound and Kyle is still delighted with them.  They get a lot of use and have encouraged him to try more difficult techniques.
Thanks again for the excellent service you provided, it really was second to none.  You went the extra mile, quite literally, to get the kit to us as we are not exactly close by and often have real problems with deliveries.  And getting extra hardware organised for us after the drums were delivered was such a help too.  We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Echo Custom Drums to anyone, both the product and the service are brilliant.

Thanks again.
All the best.
Ali MacLeod. (See Kyle on our Drum Show 2012 videos)

EcHo Custom Drums, Unit B17, Copley Mill, St Pauls Trading Estate, Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2QF