March 30, 2023
  • 7:47 am Hello world!

We Don’t Assemble Drums…..WE BUILD THEM!

We manufacture our drums from the highest quality material available. All our metal is certified, this guarantee’s if your drum needs replacing we can manufacture your new drum to your original specifications. We can do this because our material is sourced from the same graded stock chosen for aircraft manufacture.

Your choice of material is not just for looks but also the tonal quality of the drum. The choice of material greatly influences the final ‘sound’ and by altering and customising the design we can fine tune the drum to your requirements.

We are careful about the final finish of your drum. The colour or texture finishes we offer have a little or no influence on the final tone. The polish, brushed and hammered finish is on the bare metal shell your drum is manufactured from and not an added veneer.

Powder coating the shell results in a hard enamel finish to your drum, similar to that used in industries such as nuclear and pharmacutical due to its extreme strength and durability. This finish is bonded to the metal shell by extreme heat, but only microns thick.